نَحْوَ \ about: not exactly; a little before or after; a little more or less: about 9 o’clock; about 50 boys. approximately: nearly, but not exactly: The box weighed approximately 10 kilos. for: towards: We set off for home. more or less: about, but not exactly: It’s 20 miles away, more or less. She’s more or less ready, but she can’t find her handbag. on: (showing a direction) towards: She turned her back on me. His eyes were on the door. some: (with numbers) about: Some 70 people attended the meeting. something like: (with numbers) about: He owns something like 400 cattle, about It cost something like $3. to: in expressions of place and time; showing where sb. or sth. goes; showing an aim or limit; showing a point that is reached: We walked to school. He jumped on to the table. towards: in the direction of: My window faced towards the east., in regard to What are your feelings towards her?.

Arabic-English glossary. 2015.

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